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A Wonderful Weekend

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Presented by TheatreWorks

Fundraiser Weekend

Saturday, 30 November, 10.30am–9pm

& Sunday, 1 December 2019, 10.30am–6pm


Returning for the second year, A Wonderful Weekend is a two-day event featuring enriching workshops, artisan pop-ups with nifty gift ideas, staged readings and a stand-up comedy night! 


Proceeds from the two-day event will go towards supporting TheatreWorks' developmental and community programmes. 

Collection 2019 - A Wonderful Weekend

Manuela Infante / Diego Noguera / Marcela Salinas / Pat Toh / Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai / Noorlinah Mohamed — ELOQUENCE

Eloquence Draft 1 Without Details.jpg

Presented by TheatreWorks

Thursday & Friday, 7 & 8 November 2019, 8pm

Ovid's account of Philomela's rape and her severed tongue is the starting point for the exploration. How can she speak of the experience of being silenced, when her language is severed from her body? The field of public address is an important symbolic arena where social norms are contested, reshaped and upheld, but mostly where we harbour gendered norms about speech. What we call "eloquence" in public speech is, essentially, a code for values associated with masculinity. The women on stage in this performance will function as a multilingual choir that deconstructs the sounds and stories of their voices, weaving their personal experiences of silencing and transformation with that of Philomela and her sister Procne. 

Find out more here.

With support from Turkish Airlines and Embassy of Chile in Singapore.

Collecton 2019 - Eloquence
Collecton 2019 - Not Ordinary Work 2019

Noorlinah Mohamed — N.O.W - Not Ordinary Work

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Presented by TheatreWorks

Public Project

10–28 July 2019

TheatreWorks Writers' Lab presents N.O.W., a three-week public project. From 2019–2021, Noorlinah Mohamed, established actress and arts educator, is appointed N.O.W.'s Artistic Director. 


For the next three years, she focuses on celebrating women creators, thinkers, and change-makers, and their approach to making a difference. Led by women and supported by women production, technical and administrative teams, N.O.W. makes visible the multifaceted and capable women, their voices and their not ordinary work. 


From performance to film, music to visual arts, workshops to talks, N.O.W. spotlights her process, her thoughts and her creation. Experimental, deliciously weird, and yes, fun, these works explore the conversations women creators and thinkers have with the world — and each other. 


Find out more here.

With support from Cultural Matching Fund, Hong Leong Foundation, Strongbow, Corner Stone, SPMRKT.

Collection 2019 - End of the World

Inch Chua / Okorn-Kuo Jian Hong — 'Til The End Of The World, We'll Meet In No Man's Land


Presented by TheatreWorks


24 April–4 May 2019

Tuesday–Friday: 8pm
Saturday: 3pm and 8pm

TheatreWorks commissions singer-songwriter Inch Chua's next creative work. Inch creates a multi-disciplinary performance inspired by her recent expedition to Antarctica, Til The End Of The World, We'll Meet In No Man's Land. The production showcases Inch's original songs, her first foray into playwriting, and binaural technology. 

Find out more here.

With support from Cultural Matching Fund, City Developments Limited, Arts Fund.

Still Life

SISTIC Still Life Main image 640x427 30k

Presented by Checkpoint Theatre in collaboration with TheatreWorks


28 February–10 March 2019 

What happens when an artist picks up her paintbrush after a long hiatus? Does the body still remember what has been lived? Or are the senses dulled by time, the joints fused with experience? 


"Still Life" is an affecting look at life and art-making. In this deeply personal performance, Dana Lam rediscovers and reclaims her journey from the 1950s to the present, through her twin first loves: writing and painting. From journalist to activist, from daughter to grandmother, she confronts the choices and tensions that keep a life in balance. The result is an evocative portrait woven of lyrical prose and the unflinching gaze of an artist coming to terms with her own nakedness.

Find out more here.

Still Life
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