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Collection showcases the various projects and programmes at 72-13



Daniel Kok / Hiroko Tanahashi / Mario Stumpfe / Max Schumacher / Sibin Vassilev / Tang Fukuen / Dr Ulrich Klocke / Yoann Trellu - Space Monkeys

Space Monkey.jpg


Saturday, 14 & Sunday, 15 December 2013 


An interactive experience about the community by the community for the community. A board game in which breaking the rules might be the best way to play. 


Daniel K / diskodanny (Singapore) teams up with post theater (Germany) to create a choreographic machine that studies crowd behaviour and group dynamics: part multimedia installation, part community research, part science — fiction, part nightclubbing. 


In each performance, participants from specific communities in Singapore are invited to form the audience. The participants' responses through the interactive experience will contribute to a data collection process. Participants will also dialogue with the artists / researchers regarding what it means to be a community. What makes us us? The simplest questions are often the hardest. 


Space Monkeys features Daniel Kok (artistic direction), Hiroko Tanahashi (artistic direction), Mario Stumpfe (production manager), Max Schumacher (artistic direction), Sibin Vassilev (sound design), Tang Fukuen (producer),  Dr Ulrich Klocke (project consultant) and Yoann Trellu (media design & programming). 


With support from National Arts Council, Singapore International Foundation, LAPT BW, Ministry of Culture Baden, Wurttemberg. In collaboration with Theater Rampe and TheatreWorks 72-13.


UOB - Painting of the Year

UOB Painting of the year.jpg

Image credit: Splendour of Rainforests by Ngiam Kiah Seng, Platinum Awards, 2010 UOB Painting Of the Year Competition 


7 November – 7 December 2013

Wednesday, 27 November 2013: 3pm – 9pm 

28 November – 7 December 2013: 1pm – 9pm 

The winners’ showcase of UOB’s Painting of the Years will be exhibited at 72-13 from 7 November to 7 December 2013.

With support of 72-13. 

24-Hour Playwriting Competition Prize Presentation

Picture 1.jpg

New Writing

Saturday,16 November 2013

Choy Ka Fai / Norisham Osman / Rianto / Surjit Nongmeikapam / Tang Fukuen / Yap Seok Hui / Zulkifle Mahmod - SoftMachine


Performance, Exhibition

Friday, 1 & Saturday, 2 November 2013


SoftMachine is a dance research project that studies contemporary dance in Asia and the choreographic process of contemporary dance developed over the last decade. SoftMachine examines what inspires a new series of choreographic experiments and creations in Asia. 


SoftMachine is a new project by Associate Artist Choy Ka Fai. The work-in-progress will present performances by 3 choreographers from Singapore, Manipur/India and Banyumas/Indonesia who Ka Fai personally observed and studied. And there is an accompanying exhibition of the research process, interview archive and mini-documentaries. 


Since 2012, Ka Fai has travelled to 13 cities to meet and interview with Asian dance makers. Through this multi-cultural experience, he has collected an independent archive of video interviews with 84 choreographers, dancers and curators from Singapore, Jakarta, Solo, Yogyakarta, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Bangalore, Chennai, Manipur, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 


The creation of this project has been made possible with the Arts Creation Fund from the National Arts Council, Singapore and with support from TheatreWorks / 72-13. 


SoftMachine is conceived and directed by Choy Ka Fai who also contributed multimedia design, performed by Norisham Osman, Rianto and Surjit Nongmeikapam, with dramaturgic support by Tang Fukuen, lighting, production and technical direction by Yap Seok Hui and music by Zulkifle Mahmod.

With support from The Arts Creation Fund - National Arts Council, Singapore, TheatreWorks / 72-13. With additional support from danceBox Kobe, Japan, Kyoto Experiment, Japan, Attakkalari Centre For Movement Arts, Bangalore, India, Living Dance Studio, Beijing, China.

CFK - Softmachine

Jean Ng / Jeff Chen / Loo Zihan / Noorlinah Mohamed / Nora Samosir / Oliver Chong / Peter Sau / Robin Loon - LIFT: Love Is Flower The



17 – 22 September 2013 

8pm, 4pm matinee on 22 September 2013


What would you find by looking through a prism of life? Would there be answers to the perennial questions of love, hope and, ultimately happiness? LIFT: Love Is Flower The is a meditation on some of the mundane and yet quirkily absurd roads to happiness. From the everyday notion of beauty, the personal and private means of achieving bodily pleasures, to fetuses, births and babies, to politicising well-being and the release in death, LIFT: Love Is Flower The treks the paths to happiness. 


So come take the journey with LIFTers.

Conceived and directed by Jeff Chen, Associate Artist of TheatreWorks, LIFT: Love Is Flower The is made in collaboration with Jean Ng, Loo Zihan, Noorlinah Mohamed, Nora Samosir, Oliver Chong, Peter Sau and features additional texts by Robin Loon.

Launch of From Identity To Mondialization – TheatreWorks 25

Picture 1.jpg

Book Launch

6 September 2013

Andy Lim / Rudi Skotheim Jensen - Love Love Remote Control



Friday, 28 June 2013, 8pm 


TheatreWorks presents a work-in-progress showing of LOVE LOVE REMOTE CONTROL, by our artist-in-residence, Rudi Skotheim Jensen & his Singapore collaborator, Andy Lim, on 28 June 2013, Friday, 8pm! An audience feedback session will follow after the presentation. 


LOVE LOVE REMOTE CONTROL is a multidisciplinary work which speaks about human evolution with regards to society's eating habits, with dance, movement, text, aerial rope, circus art, possible video installation, as well as the use of actual food as props on stage.

TAS (The Architecture Society) Debates 2013

TAS Debate.jpg


Saturday, 8 June 2013, 6pm 


The annual TAS Debate is back with the motion "Architecture Education In Singapore Breeds Unoriginality", a topic very relevant and dose to the hearts of The Architecture Society (NUS). 

TAS Debates is organised by The Architecture Society (National University of Singapore [NUS]) and is part of TheatreWorks Open Call. 

This session will see a mix of lecturers from NUS School of Architecture and practicing architects debating on the motion.

With support from 72-13.

Uniqlo UT Pop Up Store

Picture 7.jpg

Exhibition, Performance

Saturday, 4 & Sunday, 5 May 2013

Free admission

Vertical Submarine - Four Plays: ABCD



Wednesday, 3 April 2013 (Preview), Thursday, 4 – Saturday, 6 April 2013, 8pm 

Advisory 16 and Above (Some Sexual References).


Foreplay was a French invention

- Ricardo Piglia, author-critic-scholar 


ABCD: Four Plays is inspired by a series of conversations between brother and sister, between a prostitute and her customer, between a man and his lover, between a traitor and his confidante. All the stories take place in a room and the dialogues will be taken from three important 20th-century Argentine writers: Roberto Arlt, Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar and one French writer, Marguerite Duras. Hence, Arlt, Borges, Cortazar and Duras (A, B, C, D). Aside from the alphabetical coincidence, all the stories reflect the impossibility of human relationship; the impossibility of dialogue. 


Similar to some of Vertical Submarine's previous projects such as "Decomposition II" (2008), "Analogic" (2009), Dust: A Recollection (2011), this performance will take the form of a narration. 


Known primarily for their work as visual artists, FourPlays: ABCD is Vertical Submarine's third work with TheatreWorks after Abusement Park (as part of Night Festival: New World 2010) and DUST — A Recollection (2011). Vertical Submarine is the Associate Artist of TheatreWorks.

Anomaa Rajakaruna (Colombo) / Aw Pi Kyeh (Yangon) / Brett Bailey (Cape Town) / Desire Machine Collective (Mriganka Madhukaillya, Sonal Jain - Guwahati) / Ju (Yangon) / Julie Tolentino (Los Angeles) / Kaffe Matthews (London) / Keiko Sei (Bangkok) / Ko Tar (Yangon) / Lin Htet (Yangon) / Lorene Tamain (Yangon) / Maija Hirvanen (Helsinki) / May Phue Thet (Yangon) / Min Thein Sung (Yangon) / Moe Naing (Yangon) / Nge Lay (Yangon) / Okkar (Yangon) / Ong Keng Sen (Singapore) / Rachael Swain (Sydney) /  Sanathanan Thamotharampillai (Jaffna) / Sithu Zeya (Yangon) / Tadasu Takamine (Akita) / Tellervo Kalleinen (Helsinki) / Thaiddhi (Yangon) / Thu Thu Shein (Yangon) / Tun Win Aung (Yangon) / Venuri Perera (Colombo) / Vertical Submarine (Fiona Koh, Joshua Yang - Singapore) / Vuth Lyno (Phnom Penh) / Wah Nu (Yangon) / Wai Mar Nyunt (Yangon) / Wen Hui (Beijing) / Wu Wenguang (Beijing) / Zarganar (Yangon) -  The Flying Circus Project 2013: Superintense

FCP 2013.jpg

Research, Process, Discourse

Wednesday, 16 January 2013, 7.30pm

Thursday, 17 & Friday, 18 January 2013, 7.30pm till late 

Saturday, 19 & Sunday, 20 January 2013, 12pm till late 


2013 marks the 8th edition of The Flying Circus Project or FCP. Established in 1996, the FCP is a major programme exploring creative expression in Asia. Since 2007, artists from Europe, North America and Asia have been travelling together to two different sites, interacting with the cities, localities and contexts. In 2013, the FCP will be in Myanmar and Singapore. The Singapore leg of it will be from 16 to 20 Jan 2013. Singapore can expect a focus on Myanmar artists and contemporary expressions including performance and films, reflecting on the themes of memory, trauma and transition. The FCP hallmark, SUPERINTENSE — a marathon of presentations by the artists — will be held over four days. SUPERINTENSE is a marathon of personal strategies of creativity in the urban context, in our worlds and is a hallmark of Flying Circus Project (FCP). The FCP artists will each have one hour to present their work and their practice to themselves and a public audience. Their presentations can take a variety of forms including performance, lectures and screenings. 

FCP artists for 2013 include Anomaa Rajakaruna, Aw Pi Kyeh, Brett Bailey, Fiona Koh, Joshua Yang, Kaffe Matthews, Ju, Julie Tolentino, Keiko Sei, Ko Tar, Lin Htet, Lorene Tamain, May Phue Thet, Maija Hirvanen, Moe Naing, Mriganka Madhukaillya, Nge Lay, Okkar, Ong Keng Sen, Rachael Swain, Sanathanan Thamotharampillai, Sithu Zeya, Sonal Jain, Tadasu Takamine, Tellervo Kalleinen, Thaiddhi, Thu Thu Shein, Tun Win Aung, Venuri Perera, Vuth Lyno, Wah Nu, Wai Mar Nyunt, Wen Hui, Wu Wenguang and Zarganar. The FCP artists come from wide-ranging disciplines and cultural backgrounds. 

Visit and for information on the artists and detailed programme.

With support from Ford Foundation, Institut Francais, Lee Foundation and National Arts Council.

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