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A Warehouse Turned Curators Academy

72-13 is the home of The Curators Academy and T:>Works. Formerly a rice warehouse, the space is currently a gallery, a cinema, and a theatre. It is an R&D Centre, a performance centre, a forum, and a platform for international creative expression and its relationship to Asia, in particular South-East Asia.

In particular, The Curators Academy is concerned with the curation of performance but intends to move beyond the skills of programming. It is the Academy’s belief that the programmers buy, the artists make, and curators nurture porous contexts, conversations, continuities through interrogating archives and legacies, as well as bridging potentialities. 


The Academy’s emphasis is on researching a local context by reflecting on other local contexts, developing an approach of multiple locals as a new dimension for future internationalization. The comparative reflections allows for nurturing performances which re-engages with the politics of a site, through case-studies of other local contexts which can develop parallel insights and different inspirations.


T:>Works’ mission and vision are the pioneering of thought leadership in the arts focused on transdisciplinary, transcultural, and inclusive processes.
To this end, there is a strong educational perspective with research and discourse contextualising histories, contemporary experiences, and situated art practices of the global south.

T:>Works also serves to investigate the current urgencies of being located in Singapore, and larger Asia, through different creative expressions in the public sphere. 

Our Projects & Programmes

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Artistic Directors Academy (ADA) Masterclass #2 and Public Lecture: Queer Labour by Fadescha

By T:>Works

Fri–Sat, 9–17 August 2024
Public Lecture: Wed, 14 August 2024
@ 72-13, Home of T:>Works

Fadescha is an artist, curator and cultural critic. Holding their lived experience of a radical gender, caste, race and disability, Fadescha suggests centring one’s own body and desire towards liberation.

Approved for SkillsFuture Credit eligibility, Fadescha's Masterclass from 9–17 August and Public Lecture on 14 August are open for participation.

Find out more here.

Upcoming Event

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