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Collection showcases the various projects and programmes at 72-13

Tony Perez - Writing From The Heart

Writing From The Heart.jpg


– 6 December 2014 

Registration Fee: $200 

Open to participants 17 years and above 

Limited to 20 participants 


Session 1, Introduction to Writing from the Heart 

Monday, 1 December 2014

7pm – 10pm 


Session 2, Strengthen one's power of observation & creative visualisation 

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

7pm – 10pm


Session 3, Creating characters & dialogue 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

7pm – 10pm


Session 4, Working with a premise; Creating a dramatic plot 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

7pm – 10pm


Session 5, Conceptualise & Visualise the theatre space 

Friday, 5 December 2014

7pm – 10pm


Session 6, To deconstruct, structure & restructure and shaping the Narrative 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

10am – 1pm 


Session 7, Delivering Creative Group Dynamics 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

2pm – 5pm


After the successful inaugural edition of Writing from the Heart by renowned playwright and novelist Tony Perez in May 2014, Writing & Community once again, invites him to conduct a second interactive playwriting workshop this December. This series of workshops aims to: 


1. Unearth and inspire new playwriting enthusiasts from within the community. 


2. Share one of the region's best playwriting skills and expertise with the community. 


3. Develop new plays through a post-workshop mentorship and 

dramaturgy programme. 


Writing from the Heart is a 6-day workshop to be held at 72-13, Home of TheatreWorks. It will comprise a series of interactive hands-on exercises designed to enable participants to discover their inner self and creativity in exploring the basics of playwriting.


The May 2014 edition of the workshop discovered 30 new writers and gave them the basics in playwriting. Through a series of exercises which include drawing, dialogue and interpersonal interaction between participants, the mentor and within themselves, these exercises drew out the writers' potential from within. These discoveries became important material and inspiration for playwriting. 


From the group of 30, Tony is mentoring 12 writers, developing 12 new plays through this dramaturgy programme. The mentorship will conclude in end December 2014 and these new plays will be presented as a public dramatised reading in the first quarter of 2015. 


TheatreWorks hopes to seek out a new group of writers for this second workshop.

Tony P
Asian Urban

Asian Urban Lab - Singapore Dreaming Project



Sunday, 27 September 2014

2pm – 6pm 

Free admission by registration


Singapore Dreaming is a two-year project by Asian Urban Lab where leading artists, academics, professionals and other thinkers across diverse disciplines share and explore alternative versions of a Singapore that is sustainable, creative and vibrant. 


It is a ground-up initiative that aims to move beyond layers of constraints — whether dogmatic or structural — to imagine all alternatives. It allows us to think the unthinkable, and to formulate new possibilities. 


The Singapore Dreaming Conference will be held in the first quarter of 2015. 


Before the Conference, an informal Workshop will be held at which a cross-section of Singapore thinkers will share various aspects of "Singapore Dreaming" in ten-minute segments, to stimulate thought and spur discussion. 


Presenters include Catherine Lim (Bukit Brown), Chang Jiat Hwee (NUS), Colin Goh / Woo Yen Yen (Dim Sum Warriors), Jane M Jacobs (Yale-NUS), Joseph Lim (NL’S), Lee Hui Min (Author), Melissa Low (ESI), Mohamed Imran Mohamed Taib (Leftwrite Centre), Tan Szue Hann (Architect), Teo You Yenn (NTU), Wee Wan-ling (NTU), William Lim (AUL), Yeoh Lam Keong (Economist).


Themes include Women Pioneers, Urban Living, Dim Sum, Ecotopia, Faith, Freedom, Thermal Modernity, The Singapore Plan, Family, Energy Sustainability, Social Compact, If We Dream Too Long, The Singapore Dream, Bukit Brown, Pragmatism, Technocracy, Shades of Vibrancy. 


Come join us for a thought-provoking and entertaining afternoon.



2pm: Registration 

2.30pm: Presentations 

4pm: Tea Break 

4.30pm: Presentations 

6pm: Reception 

7pm: End


Singapore Dreaming is co-presented by Asian Urban Lab and TheatreWorks / 72-13, as part of TheatreWorks / 72-13 Open Call.

SIFA 2014 Festival

Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Centre for Adults / Down Syndrome Association / The Y-Stars / Theatre HORA – SIFA 2014 / Festival Heart: Into The Wild

Into The Wild.jpg


Saturday, 19 & Sunday, 20 September 2014, 8pm

Free admission


From 8 to 18 September 2014 at 72-13, a unique knowledge transfer workshop which emphasised interaction, practical work through supervised-free improvisation, took place between Theatre HORA and 36 Singaporeans from Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Centre for Adults, Down Syndrome Association and The Y-Stars. 


Mamela Nyamza / Mojisola Adebayo – SIFA 2014 / Double Bill: I Stand Corrected & Hatched


Performance (Double Bill)

Friday, 28 – Sunday, 30 August 2014, 8pm

Advisory: Mature Theme (for 18 years and above)

Spirited South-African choreographer/performer Mamela Nyamza and British-Nigerian writer/performer Mojisola Adebayo tackle head-on contemporary questions of identity, gender and social freedom facing South Africa today in this highly-charged double bill.

I Stand Corrected is a dramatic story of rage and romance, where two women try to reach each other across the supernatural divide. It is a narrative of love above hate, freedom from fear, marriage over murder, resistance against rape…

Told through haunting and sometimes absurdly comic physical theatre, with seductive singing, dance, drama and music. Co-created, co-directed and co-performed by Mamela Nyamza and Mojisola Adebayo, I Stand Corrected is an artistic response to the violent epidemic of ‘corrective’ hate rape in South Africa. I Stand Corrected will touch you with its sheer energy and passionate cry for justice.

In Hatched, Nyamza transforms her own story into evocative dance-theatre. On a stage flooded with red cloth, two worlds collide as Nyamza’s life unravels: she is an artist and a mother. Combining South-African and Western dance vocabulary and music, Hatched articulates the poignant realities of grappling with one’s place in the world.

Awarded the Standard Chartered Bank's Young Artist Award for Dance in 2011, Mamela Nyamza's work considers the engendered body and the contemporary definition of dance.

Reflecting a broadly African aesthetic, Mojisola Adebayo's work tackles questions of power, identity, and change.

Nikhil Chopra

Nikhil Chopra – SIFA 2014 / Give Me Your Blood And I Will Give You Freedom


Image courtesy of Chatterjee & Lal and Nikhil Chopra


Saturday, 15 August 2014, 7pm – Monday, 17 August 2014, 9pm 

Ticket permits unlimited return visits, valid through Monday, 17 August 2014.

Advisory: Mature Theme (for 18 years and above)


In a powerful 50-hour performance specially commissioned by SIFA, performance artist Nikhil Chopra transforms a white canvas into breathtaking landscapes of black ink, in a vivid expression of India’s bloody fight for freedom against colonial rule.


1943: India in the midst of a war to free itself from 200 years of British rule. The charismatic leader Subhas Chandra Bose sounds a rallying cry — “give me your blood, and I will give you freedom.” A group of women answer the call, forming the all-female combat army, the Rani of Jhansi Regiment. This is the backdrop of Give Me Your Blood and I Will Give You Freedom.


At a time when World War II was ripping the world apart, Bose emerged as a controversial figure, photographed shaking hands with Hitler and giving allegiance to the Imperial Japanese Army as it made its way into Singapore, Indonesia and Burma. 


Performance artist Nikhil Chopra fleshes out the ominous passage of a bloody battle across 50 continuous hours. He assumes the character of a female warrior, Jhansi. In order to seek her freedom, she must be prepared to transform, shed her skin and ‘spill’ her blood. A masterful blend of theatre and visual art, Give Me Your Blood creates a live painting — a menacing metaphorical battleground — right before the audience’s eyes. In the climactic finale, Chopra emerges as a black monster, a queen, proclaiming her victory with her blood over a darkened stage. 


The audience can come and go throughout this durational performance. A live installation, the work is best re-visited over the 50 hours to enjoy its progress in relation to time.

Adrienne Sichel / Amanda Lee Koe / Brigitta Isabella / Brigitte Poupart / Charlene Rajendran / Christopher Herrmann / Clay Hapaz / Dave St- Pierre / Elizabeth LeCompte / Fahmi Reza / Grace Teng / Hans Ulrich Obrist / Ho Rui An / Jay Pather / Jerome Bel / Lee Weng Choy / Martha Graham / Matthew Claudel / Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal / Nora Samosir / Prof Paul Macneill / Pierre Dupouey / Pumiwat Rangkasiwit / Raksha Mahtani / Richard Move / Sharon Freses / Simon Castets / Tan Zhi Hao / The Sam Willows / The Wooster Group / Zanele Muholi – SIFA 2014 / The O.P.E.N. 

Web Junkie - Dogwoof Documentary (4) res

Image courtesy of Dogwoof Global

Screenings, Talks, Performances, Exhibitions

26 June 2014 – 12 July 2014

The O.P.E.N. — the pre-festival ideas from the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2014 will be happening at 72-13. 72-13 is the Venue Partner of SIFA 2014. 

Discover a breadth of issues and perspectives with innovative artists from around the world! 


At 72-13, The O.P.E.N. will connect you with the ideas presented by SIFA 2014 through a curated selection of events over 17 days, including: 


19 Film Screenings 

5 Brunch Talks 

2 Performances 

2 Concerts 

2 Exhibitions 

1 Beginner's Guide 


At The O.P.E.N., you will: 


Confront Legacies of Violence and find out how it has shaped societies and individuals, 

Discover the Iconic Legacies of Martha Graham, The Wooster Group and Bertolt Brecht, 

Gain insight into the Digital Legacies from the perspective of the emerging internet generation, 

How do our personal narratives act as markers of space and time? Personal Legacies put on display the stories, idiosyncrasies and forces that shape us. A selection of individual celebrations of our humanity. Look out for the Personal Legacies forged by the journey of 150 wanderers, and 


Probe the limits and possibilities on evolving intervention on nature in the wake of our Legacies of Science


Admission to all events at The O.P.E.N. is through purchase of The O.P.E.N. pass and pre-registration on a first-come, first-served basis.


Below is a selection of some of the events.

Zanele Muholi - Faces and Phases

Vuyelwa Makubetse, KwaThema Community Ha
Kekeletso Khena, Greenmarket Square, Cap

© Zanele Muholi. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg.


Opens Friday, 26 June, Thu | 7pm – 10pm 

Through Monday, 29 June, Sun | 11am – 10pm 


Confront the darker side of the 20th century in Legacies of Violence. The O.P.E.N. explores the historical legacy of acts of violence in South Africa and how it has shaped societies and individuals, along with the struggle to accept the past and move into the future.


This exhibition by award-winning South African photographer and visual activist Zanele Muholi presents bold portraiture of marginalised individuals from her home country. An ongoing series since 2007, Faces and Phases commemorates the lives of these individuals as Muholi captures the confidence, fearlessness and defiance of her subjects in a captivating visual history post-apartheid, while confronting stereotypes associated with gender and sexuality. Zanele Muholi is a 2013 Prince Claus Laureate.

“Zanele Muholi is a photographer and visual activist who affirms and celebrates the multiplicity of human identity and sexuality. Representing the black female body in an honest and compelling way, her intimate portrayal of love reveals beauty and tenderness, and asserts the joy of close relationships with radical and liberating energy.” 

-2013 Prince Claus Awards Committee Report 


Don’t miss “Collaboration, Art, Social Change,” a talk with Zanele Muholi at the opening of Faces and Phases at 8pm on Friday, 26 Jun, Thu.


© Zanele Muholi. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

About Zanele Muholi:

Tackling issues of gender and sexuality, Zanele Muholi has won numerous awards for her photography, including the Fine Prize for an emerging artist at the 2013 Carnegie International, the 2013 Prince Claus Award honouring her outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development, the Index on Censorship - Freedom of Expression Art Award (2013) and the Casa Africa award (2009) for best female photographer. Her exhibition, Faces and Phases, has received international attention, and has been presented at dOCUMENTA (13); and the South African Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale. 

Adrienne Sichel - Body Politics 1: Fingerprinting South African Contemporary Dance

Picture 2.jpg

Saturday, 28 June,
5pm – 6.30pm 

Celebrated South African dance critic Adrienne Sichel shares the developments, politics, trends, and stories of contemporary dance in South Africa. 

Adrienne Sichel - Body Politics 2: Mamela Nyamza 

Sunday, 29 June
1pm – 2pm 

Adrienne Sichel continues with the narrative of dance in South Africa, focusing on Mamela Nyamza, an award-winning dancer who has deeply challenged gender stereotypes in her politics of dance. 

Jay Pather – Brunch at the O.P.E.N.: Post-Apartheid South Africa 

Sunday, 29 June
11am – 12.30pm 

Join Jay Pather, director of the Gordon Institute for Performing and Creative Arts, as he shares about Nelson Mandela’s legacy and the lingering effects of apartheid on a post-colonial society. 

Martha Graham / Richard Move / Christopher Herrmann - Ghostlight 


Image courtesy of Josef Astor

Screening, followed by a conversation with Richard Move. 

Monday, 29 June, Sun 

4.30pm – 6.30pm

Dir. Christopher Herrmann / 80 min / 2003 / USA/Rating TBC


The iconic legacy of Martha Graham through the eyes of a fictitious documentary filmmaker, Barbara Rosen. This impressionistic homage was created by the last generation of people who worked with Graham herself, and stars Richard Move as Graham. 

Elizabeth LeCompte / The Wooster Group / Clay Hapaz - Selections from The Wooster Group Archive 


All works directed by Elizabeth LeCompte and made in collaboration with members and associates of The Wooster Group. Screenings accompanied by an introduction and Q&A with Clay Hapaz, archivist of The Wooster Group. 


Rumstick Road 


Tuesday, 8 July

7.30pm − 9pm

This video reconstruction of the landmark 1977 production Rumstick Road merges audiotaped conversations, family letters, dance, 35mm slides and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy (the founder of Christian Science) in response to the suicide of Spalding Gray’s mother. 




Wednesday, 9 July

7.30pm − 9pm

This video presents the complete performance of the 1999 OBIE-winning collision of Gertrude Stein’s Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights with Joseph Mawra’s B-movie classic, Olga’s House of Shame


To You, the Birdie! 


Thursday, 10 July

7.30pm − 9pm

A video of the 2002 OBIE-winning production of Racine’s Phèdre, set in a mobile modernist landscape of sliding plexiglass panels, omnipresent monitors, hidden cameras and badminton... 


The Emperor Jones; Today, I Must Sincerely Congratulate You; Rhyme ‘Em To Death


Saturday, 12 July 

11am − 12.30pm

The Emperor Jones is the video interpretation of the Group’s staging of Eugene O’Neill’s play; Today, I Must Sincerely Congratulate You documents life in a fading performance troupe; while Rhyme ’Em to Death is a film inspired by Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Charlene Rajendran / Nora Samosir / Sharon Freses – Bertolt Brecht in 8 Steps

Picture 5.jpg

Performance and Discourse

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

8pm – 9.30pm


Join Nora Samosir and Sharon Freses as they explore Brechtian performance techniques in a casual show-and-tell while Charlene Rajendran sheds light on Brecht’s influence in Southeast Asian theatre.


Hans Ulrich Obrist / Simon Castets - The 89plus Generation 

Picture 7.jpg


Saturday, 12 July

5pm – 6pm 


Join Hans Ulrich Obrist, renowned curator, writer, critic and art historian, and Simon Castets, director and curator of New York’s Swiss Institute, in this Insight Talk at The O.P.E.N. The 89plus Generation forms part of the Singapore/Southeast Asian edition of the international 89plus project. Catch a fascinating glimpse of this multidisciplinary mapping of a fast-changing world shaped by digital culture, a central legacy of the 20th century.

89plus is a long-term, international and multiplatform research project created by curators Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets. Together, they investigate and gather the fascinating perspectives of this emerging internet generation. 

Almost half of the world’s population today was born in or after 1989, making them the first digitally native generation in human history. 1989 was the year that launched the internet, changing our world forever. 

Our future is digital. Technology is ever-evolving. In the advent of the digital age, discover the profound social, political and personal impact that digital culture has made, and is making, on today’s generations.

89plus charts and discovers innovators, creative producers from this generation – artists, activists, writers, filmmakers, designers, architects, economists, scientists and technologists – who are only just beginning to be heard. After travelling to Munich, New York, London, Miami and Italy, 89plus comes to Singapore at The O.P.E.N. 

Amanda Lee Koe / Brigitta Isabella / Fahmi Reza / Grace Teng / Ho Rui An / Matthew Claudel / Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal / Pumiwat Rangkasiwit / Raksha Mahtani / Tan Zhi Hao – 89plus in Singapore and Southeast Asia


Curated by Singapore’s Ho Rui An of the 89plus generation. 


Brunch at The O.P.E.N.: Being 89plus

Saturday, 5 July 

11am – 12pm 

Artist and writer Ho Rui An works in the intersections of contemporary art, cinema, performance and theory. He is also the Singapore desk editor for Art Asia Pacific. Ho will share his thoughts of being 89plus at brunch. 


89plus Panel 1: Local / Knowledge

Saturday, 5 July

12.30pm – 2pm 

Local/Knowledge discovers how Southeast Asia’s young and cosmopolitan generation negotiates its relationship with locality. Through creating knowledge, fieldwork or the development of technological tools, Local/Knowledge considers what is at stake in every attempt at representing the local. 


89plus Panel 2: Commentary 


Sunday, 6 July

12.30pm – 2pm 

The panel examines the complexities of opinion-shaping in our digital world, how online media has been mobilised to spark debate by the internet generation, the developing political agency, critique and discourse in the region. 


The Sam Willows – The 89plus Concert

The Sam Willows.png

Image courtesy of The Sam Willows


Saturday, 5 July

10pm – 11.30pm 


The band has torn down the walls of disparity in love and art while creating a solid buzz across Singapore with their luscious harmonies since bursting onto the indie music scene in May 2012. 

Jerome Bel / Pierre Dupouey - Véronique Doisneau 

Screening followed by a skype conversation with Jerome Bel.

Sunday, 29 June

3pm – 4pm 


Dir. Jérôme Bel & Pierre Dupouey / 37 min / 2005 / France / Rating TBC / In French with English subtitles 

In eight days, Véronique Doisneau, a 42-year-old dancer in the Paris Opera Ballet, is set to hang her pointe shoes up for good. This performance-documentary conceived and directed by groundbreaking choreographer Jérôme Bel pays tribute to the corps de ballet dancers – usually a backdrop of non-soloists – as Véronique becomes the star of her own stage. 

Brigitte Poupart / Dave St- Pierre - Over My Dead Body 


Images courtesy of COOP VIDEO DE MONTREAL


Saturday, 12 July 

3pm – 4.30pm 

Dir. Brigitte Poupart / 80 min / 2012 / Canada / Rating TBC/ In French and English with English subtitles 

Dave St-Pierre, a brilliant dancer and choreographer, suffers from hereditary cystic fibrosis. He urgently needs two new lungs or risks dying in two years. Over My Dead Body, shot by St-Pierre’s friend and creative partner Brigitte Poupart, chronicles the two-year period as he awaits the transplant that will save his life. 

Prof Paul Macneill - Biomedicine, Bioethics and the Arts: Promises, Fears and Fiction


Saturday, 28 June

3pm – 4.30pm 

Prof Paul Macneill discusses the responses of bioethics and the arts as alternative approaches to biomedical ‘advances’. Director of the undergraduate programme in ethics at the National University of Singapore’s School of Medicine, Prof Paul Macneill is also of the author of various publications that discuss the relationship between bioethics and the arts. His latest book, Ethics and the Arts, is due to be released in 2014. 

Aaron Khek / Bernice Lee / Chan Sze Wei / Jereh Leong / Joavien Ng /  Kai Eng / Loo Zihan / Max Chen / Melinda Lee / Mohd Fared Jainal / Norisham Osman / Scarlet Yu / Wiing Liu / Xavier Le Roy - Retrospective



25 July – 2 August 2014 (no performance on 28 July 2014) 

1 pm – 9 pm. (Audiences are invited to come and go as they please) 

Retrospective is conceived as an exhibition, created by Xavier Le Roy and his 13 Singapore dance collaborators Aaron Khek, Bernice Lee, Chan Sze Wei, Jereh Leong, Joavien Ng, Kai Eng, Loo Zihan, Max Chen, Melinda Lee, Mohd Fared Jainal, Norisham Osman, Scarlet Yu and Wiing Liu.


The presentation of Retrospective is part of TheatreWorks’ aim to present innovative contemporary performances, artistic expressions that offer Singapore audiences alternatives. TheatreWorks is the bridge between innovative artistic expressions and the Singapore audiences. 

With support from Institut Francais Singapore, Arts Fund, Lee Foundation, Kuo Pao Kun Foundation and Webvisions.

Pichet Klunchun Dance Company - Nay Nai

Nay Nai.JPG


17 – 21 June 2014, 8pm 


TheatreWorks Associate Artist, Pichet Klunchun, is reputed for his contemporary reinterpretation of Thai classical dance Khon. Along with his Dance Company, Pichet Klunchun Dance Company, he takes the stage this time with Nay Nai. 


Nay Nai is inspired by a group of young gentlemen who became a symbol of perfection and modernity in the early 20th Century in Siam. While most of these gentlemen were commoners, they rose to positions of power and played important political, cultural and social roles in Siam then. 


Through classical and contemporary dance styled in the format of a high-energy competition and reality TV show, Nay Nai sets out to investigate how people today strive to reach the apex of power and influence. 


The Commission of Nay Nai is part of TheatreWorks' aim to present innovative contemporary performances, artistic expressions that offer Singapore audiences alternative viewpoints to the accepted. TheatreWorks is the bridge between alternative artistic expressions and the Singapore audiences. 


Our home, 72-13, acts as an incubator for artistic experiments by international and local artists & creatives, while being a consistent conduit for dialogues between disciplines & cultures. 

Tony Perez - Writing From the Heart


26 – 31 May 2014 

Registration Fee: $100 

Open to participants 17 years and above 

Limited to 20 participants 

All participants must commit to all 7 sessions. 

Town Hall Meeting: In search of Third Arts NMP

Town Hall Meeting 

Saturday, 10 May 2014, 2.30pm 


The arts community, which includes those in the creative and media sectors, such as film and television, has started the process of searching for suitable candidates to serve as their next 'Arts' Nominated Member of Parliament (Arts NMP).

Brian Gothong Tan / Ellison Tan / Faizal Abdullah / Ian Tan / Karen Tan / Nadia AR / Neo Swee Lin / Philip Tan / Vince Ong - Sublime Monsters and Virtual Children

sublime monsters.jpg

Exhibition, Performance


7 – 10 May 2014

12pm – 8pm 


9 & 10 May 2014, 8pm 

Free Admission 


TheatreWorks is proud to present Brian Gothong Tan's work-in-progress, Sublime Monsters and Virtual Children at 72-13.


A performance within an installation, Sublime Monsters and Virtual Children explores how rituals, both public and personal, shape and transform experiences and perceptions. Playful and surreal, Sublime Monsters and Virtual Children is a contemporary performance that combines film, theatre and performance art. 


Made in collaboration with composer Philip Tan, designer Vince Ong, lighting designer Ian Tan and featuring performers Neo Swee Lin, Karen Tan, Faizal Abdullah, Ellison Tan and Nadia AR. 


Brian has collaborated with TheatreWorks in a number of productions and he was one of 72-13's Creatives-in-Residence. 


We hope to be the bridge between innovative artistic expressions and the Singapore audiences.


With support from Creation Grant - National Arts Council.

Jason Wee / Jeremiah Choy / Joavien Ng / Noorlinah Mohamed / Philip Tan / Sharda Harrison - SIFA 2014 / The O.P.E.N.: Ways of Wandering

Ways of Wandering.jpg

Call for Participants

Saturday, 15 February 2014

11am – 5pm


The O.P.E.N — Open, Participate, Enrich, Negotiate — is the public engagement initiative of the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). Ways of Wandering is about tracing our footprints on the surface of this earth, and reflecting on the things that matter to us, the things that we want changed, the issues we want heard, the stories we want told, the passion and commitment we possess in making it. 


Join 5 Artist-Mentors, Jason Wee (Visual Artist), Jeremiah Choy (Theatre Director and Producer), Joavien Ng (Dancer and Choreographer), Philip Tan (Music Director and Composer), Sharda Harrison (Actor) and 100 other like-minded participants in creating and capturing this journey in still and moving images, with body, heart and mind, and in sound and text. This process will culminate in two free public outdoor performances in July 2014.

pichet klunchun
Town Hal
SIFA 2014 Ways
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